Sorbet & Italian Ice Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: What is Sorbet?

Answer: Sorbet is a non-dairy dessert consisting of fruit juice or fruit purée, water, and sugar. Our products are made fresh from scratch with fresh fruit in every batch.

Question: What is Italian Ice? Is it Shaved Ice?

Answer: Italian Ice, also known as “Water Ice,” is not shaved ice. Not even close! Italian Ice is a non-dairy dessert consisting of fruit, artificially flavored syrups, water, and sugar. Unlike shaved ice, our Italian Ice’s have flavor with each and every bite.

(Wholesale FAQ’s)

Question: What is the cost to get started?

Answer: Prices can vary for a 2.5 gal tub . Prices increase based on the product and quantity you select.

Question: Why do your prices vary?

Answer: Italian Ice is requires less fruit which reduces our cost to make the product. Sorbet is a higher quality product requiring a larger amount of fresh fruit to make the product.

Question: Will I have a return on my investment?

Answer: This is a simple answer. You pick the right location and let the product handle the rest.

Question: What is the minimum amount I am able to purchase?

Answer: The minimum order amount is 5 tubs.

Question: What size are your tubs?

Answer: Our tubs are 2.5 gallons

Question: What is the best way to serve my product? I don’t have enough for a pushcart.

Answer: Understand that you are just starting out. If you don’t have enough money to invest in a pushcart, it is ok. Start small with a good quality cooler. This will get you in the game. Choose the best location you can find, sell your product, and work your way up from there.

Question: How do I keep my product cold?

Answer: We highly recommend dry ice. This will keep your product frozen enough to scoop for roughly 6 hrs. We also recommend you keeping the lid on your cooler closed when not in use.